Phi Φ The Golden Ratio

Phi is the most pleasing geometric ratio of proportion. It's found in:
• growth patterns of plants,
• cosmological phenomena,
• architecture from the Pyramids of Giza to the Parthenon,
• your body; from limbs to DNA,
• all through our History of Art and Civilization from proportions of a Stradivarius and the Mona Lisa to your Credit Card and the Facebook login page.

1.618033988749894848204 : 1 = 1 : 0.618033988749894848204

As a Builder, all of my designs incorporate elements used for millenia; the aim being, with both contemporary, and arcane science to build you a better instrument.

STGuitarworks and Φ At Work

Some of the ways you'll see the Golden Ratio at STG are in Guitar Design Proportion, Inlay (+ Phyllotaxis in plants and trees)...

In terms of Set-up work, your Action / String Height setting is determined by your playing style as I understand it and Aristotle's Golden Mean Philosophy.

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