Multi-Scale / Fanned-Frets: Fender 25.5" on the bass side and Gibson 24.75" on the treble side

•Compound fingerboard radius of 7.25" to 20"

Stainless steel frets - superglued in place for increased stability

•Rosewood fingerboard, Maple neck and Sapele body

•Geometry and stability allows for a much lower, easier action (string height)

•Custom machined aluminum nut, pickup mount hardware, individual bridges, logo, fret markers and 12th fret inlay

•Custom made pickups based on original Gibson P.A.F.s

•Master Volume, Master Tone and Blender

•Electronic configuration allows for a drastically increased range of tone

Gorilla Glue used exclusively, much more resilient than factory grade glue

Carbon fiber reinforced for increased stability

•2-way modern-thin LMI truss rod

•3 piece maple neck lamination for increased stability

•Comes in Gigbag