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STG 4-Hour Set-Up Course

Learn how to set-up your own guitars!

The STG 4-Hour Set-Up Course will teach you how to do professional set-ups.

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This course is a step by step, hands-on walkthrough in guitar set-ups, with a one-to-one student / teacher ratio.

You will be shown factors that contribute to a World Class Set-Up, you will be taught efficient ways to measure and adjust and you will use the professional tools of the trade.

You also receive:
•Course Booklet (re-iterates subject matter, lists all tools used and includes resources to further your skill).
•Course Certificate (potential job reference).
•Your guitar set-up just how you want it!

The course will focus on Acoustic Steel String, Nylon String, Electric with and without a Tremolo.

To bring your own guitar is recommended and to be as familiar as possible with its playing characteristics.

Warning: bringing instruments that are in need of extra attention will likely extend the duration of the course past 4 hours, in which case the subsequent rate of $30 per hour will be charged.

It is preferred that you have been playing guitar / bass at least three to five years.

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