The Mini V was designed originally as part of a Hallowe'en costume. It also plays the part of Christmas tree ornament.

This instrument, although ridculous in appearance, is fully functional and extremely playable.

The singlecoil pick-up is hand-wound, has three Alnico-2 magnets, 5K Ohm output, built to sound as warm as possible. It is tuned to E, A, D, and strung with .032", .022" and .017" gauge strings.

The nut, bridge, saddles and jackplate are made from aluminum, the frets are superglued in place, finished with the LeeValley Gel finish.

The final setup has a (very low) string action of .03" on the treble side and .04" on the bass side.

Pictured here is also a 2'x 3' CNC Router (computer-controlled wood cutter), which was purchased in July 2012.

In order for me to get familiar with the machine, the first run of guitar-production was kept... small.