Ottawa Guitar Show 2013

Sunday June 16th - Father's Day

At GigSpace Performance Studio, 953 Gladstone Avenue

I'm very grateful to have gotten some chance to speak to so many people who are as invested in guitars as I am. With the steady flow of visitors many conversations were left to be continued... please drop me a line or a call!

Visitors were briefly subjected to my own soulful stylings via the Stereo 7 String!! The Bass output sounding full from the P.A. system and the guitar output ripping from the Mesa Boogie!

Joey Greco genius of the fretboard, also Godin Guitar Alumni travelled from Montreal to help demo the newest axe line from STGuitarworks: The Canadian!!

I was lucky to speak with the incredible craftsman Oskar Graf. The archtop I'm holding in the photo will roughly equal a house downpayment in the near-ish future! The fit and finish... the sound... the gorgeousness was beyond belief!