Repairs, Set-ups, Installations and Custom Builds

• Is your Guitar cracked? Is the Neck Angle wrong? Are the Frets dented? Do you have Fret Buzz?
• You want new Pick-Ups installed? A new Nut, or Saddle? Bridge work?
• Does your guitar stay in tune? No matter how well you tune it are there certain chords that always sound off?

Guitar Repair

Luthier at STGuitarworks performing a Neck Re-Set

Ottawa Luthier Sean Thompson has performed most types of repairs hundreds, in many cases thousands of times.

Sean says that the most rewarding parts of his work is a guitar owners' reaction to the guitar playing better than it ever has, and knowing that the world... sounds... just a bit better from his efforts.

Make your guitar play the best that it possibly can! The World Class Set-up is a process that has been cultivated by working on over 5000 instruments, by an educational investment of over $35,000 and incorporates techniques used by luthiers across the globe. Click for more